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Tried and true cognitive-behavioral courses tailored to help clients think and act more effectively in every situation.

Substance Abuse Programs

CBT Education. Intake Interview, 4 CBT Classes, Exit Interview.

CBT Outpatient. Intake Interview, 4 CBT Classes, 12 Group Sessions, Exit Interview. 

Intensive Outpatient. Intake Interview, 4 CBT Classes, 12 Group Sessions, Open-Ended Sobriety Group Sessions, Exit Interview.

MIP Diversion. 2 MIP CBT Classes, Exit Interview.
*Cognitive Consultants is Moral Reconation Therapy Programming certified


Domestic Abuse Programs

Domestic Abuse Program. Intake Interview, 52-26 CBT Group Sessions, Periodic Individual Sessions, Exit Interview.

Anger Management

CBT Group. Intake interview, 8 group sessions, exit interview.

Success Program

CBT Education. 2 CBT classes, Designed to address low-moderate court non-compliance.

Aftercare Program

All clients are welcome and encouraged to return to their sobriety group as needed.



Success favors the prepared mind.